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1:1 Marketing Coaching

Whether you're a brand new wellness coach or a seasoned soulpreneur, I can help you create a holistic marketing strategy that takes you to the next level. I offer 1:1 marketing coaching packages as well as marketing training programs and products that you can complete on your own time. Wherever you are in your business, I guarantee that you'll walk away with a more fulfilling business and bank account.

Content Creation

Creating content is not as easy as it sounds… This is ESPECIALLY true if you’re trying to promote your life coaching business or health coaching practice. You may think that slapping any old “How To” article up on your wellness blog will drive traffic, but that's just not true. So, what separates an effective content creation strategy that continuously attracts customers to your website over time and a health and wellness coaching blog that just collects dust? Well, EVERYTHING. From the topic you choose to write about, down to the exact minute you click "post", each tiny detail plays a major role in your online visibility.

I'm telling you, it's a f*cking science. Luckily, my secret formulas and strategies will give you the PERFECT blog and social media post every single time. You now have the power to build a sustainable online presence that consistently brings in traffic and generates revenue year after year.

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Content Marketing Coach for Health Coaches

Brand Messaging

Marketing only feels shitty when you’re trying to sell to everyone. When your brand message is clear, consistent, and CORRECT for YOU, you will organically attract perfectly aligned clients to your practice. 

Together, we’ll lay down a foundation that combines your dreams & desires with those of your target audience. That way, you genuinely enjoy your work, raise your vibrations, and naturally attract coaching clients that will do anything to work with you. Once you're fully aligned with your brand message, marketing is a piece of cake.

Marketing Strategy

WARNING: this is NOT a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire type of marketing strategy. 

Instead of sending you 5 pages of homework, we do someSERIOUS soul-searching to get to the CORE of your brand's strengths, weaknesses, passions, and goals. I have found this "down and dirty" approach SO much more effective than an inconvenient, impersonal questionnaire. In fact, most of the health & wellness coaches I work with describe our holistic marketing strategy sessions as enlightening. Don't be surprised if you walk away with a totally different outlook on your brand's vision, message, position, and ideal clients. Hell, you may even realize that the entire playbook needs to be thrown out and built from scratch! 

We are going to get hot, sweaty, and messy, so buckle up for some transformational sh*t.