wellness marketing accelerator

For Wellness Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to
build a rock solid marketing strategy in just 90 days.

You need a strategy.
not another certification.

Your coaching qualifications aren't the problem. Your marketing is.
The Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program gives you the foundation you need to build an online coaching business that cuts through the noise.

Not only will you clarify your brand messaging, but I'll also show you how to design a specialized marketing strategy AND implement an easy-to-follow content creation system that scales with your business.



Raise your hand if you’re a wellness coach or spiritual entrepreneur who: 

  • Feels underwhelmed by the marketing education in your certification program
  • Isn’t sure where or how to promote your signature program
  • Can’t find the motivation to write a blog or social media post
  • Spends WAYY too much money on Facebook ads that fall flat
  • Wishes you could hire a marketing expert to do it for you, but you don’t have the $

Or, worst of all…

You’re so frustrated with marketing that you begin to question your career choice all together.

I’m here to tell you DO NOT LOSE HOPE.

You WILL change the world.
You just need the tools.
All the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years has qualified you for this next step in your business.
It’s time to stop “learning” and start taking action.

Throughout this 90-day program you'll learn how to:

  • Build a content marketing strategy that aligns with your #dreamlife
  • Clarify your messaging so your clients can understand what the f*ck you’re even selling
  • Create a content calendar that tells you exactly what to post for the next month to a year!
  • Become a content idea generator that never runs out of things to talk about online
  • Automate your content so you can “set it and forget it”
  • Become the expert in your industry so that your ideal clients are BEGGING to work with you
  • Speak directly to your ideal clients so they will finally click BUY and begin their transformation
  • Create more freedom in your life so you can focus on the things you LOVE to do