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How to Stand Out in the Health Industry

How to Stand Out in the Health Industry: Competing in a Saturated Market

When everyone and their mom becomes a “Certified Wellness Coach”, it can be difficult to stand out in the health industry.

Many healthcare professionals graduate with high hopes that their ideal clients will come flocking to them right away. Unfortunately, they’re hit with a rude awakening when their schedule is perpetually wide open and their bank account is empty every. single. day. Obviously, medical school and health coach certification programs provide you with valuable skills you absolutely need to improve the lives of your clients. BUT, what they don’t provide you with is education on marketing, social media management, and basic PR that helps you get those clients in the first place.

If you want to stand out in the health industry, you have to come to terms with marketing yourself HARD. That doesn’t mean you have to sound “salesy” or “icky.” There are plenty of ways to compete in a saturated market without pushing people to buy something they don’t need.

Check out this list of ways you can stand out in the health industry and compete in a saturated market:

Reviews & client testimonials

Nothing puts you front and center like a bunch of 5-star reviews on Yelp and glowing testimonials on your website. There are A LOT of fake wellness coaches and practitioners trying to stand out in the health industry right now. Customers need solid evidence that the services you’re offering are legit.

Colin Noonan points out the importance of social proof in a recent Wire Buzz blog post:

Buyers naturally want to know a business or product is trustworthy and credible before they pull out their credit card.

Testimonials allow your satisfied customers to step forward and address the questions and objections that fill the minds of your prospective buyers for you. Then their anxious minds are put at ease, knowing that other customers have been happy and satisfied after doing business with you.

Basically, testimonials are an easy way of letting your previous clients sell FOR you! If you don’t already have a few reviews in your back pocket, all you have to do ask for them. Hit up some happy customers and kindly ask if they would be willing to write a few sentences about your work performance.

You can also screenshot messages from your clients when they share exciting wins or show gratitude for your help. I have plenty in my arsenal that say things like “Holy crap I just booked three new clients today. I’m so pumped!” or “You’ve completely transformed my business and I just want to say thank you.” Just scratch out their name and upload the screenshot! Super simple.

Digital PR

Public relations used to be an intimidating word for entrepreneurs. Typically it consisted of you hiring a PR manager to represent your brand or sending hundreds- if not thousands- of products to magazine editors for a glowing review. Either way, it was expensive as hell and you really didn’t have any control over the outcome. Now that the internet has made literally everything accessible to everyone, you can cover way more ground and spend way less money with digital PR.

There are plenty of ways you can use digital PR to gain exposure and stand out in the health industry:

  • Snag a spot on the Keynote Speaker list at a local business conference.
  • Sign up to guest host on your favorite podcast.
  • See if anyone in your network would like to conduct a live video interview on their social media page.
    • You can now easily share a split screen on Instagram Live videos.
    • Utilize your phone and your laptop so you can stream on Facebook too!
  • Host a local workshop and post it on Eventbrite
  • Write an article on MindBodyGreen or guest post on another health practitioner’s blog.

If you have an interesting niche, you can easily use these opportunities to your advantage and become the “Go-to Expert” in your field.

Roll with the trends

As I said before, everyone and their mom is a certified wellness coach now. That means you have to offer something that’s totally unique to what those other hippie bitches are advertising. The best way to pick a health niche is to research research research. Figure out what’s trending in the news, on social media, and around your community. Then, find a way to combine those current health movements with your expertise & ideal client persona.

For example… Let’s say the topic of biohacking keeps popping up in your news feed and you want to roll with that health trend. If your ideal coaching clients are middle-aged mothers and you’re marketing nutrition counseling services, you can center your content around energy & mood-boosting meals.

Or maybe you’re a fitness instructor for college women who want to avoid the freshman 15, and you see that sleep deprivation prevention has become a health trend. Start communicating to your audience how great exercise is for your sleep habits.

It’s all about adapting your business to fit the market.

If you’re struggling to stand out in the health industry, reach out to the Social Granola team for help! Whether you’re a holistic health practitioner who needs a content marketing strategy or a major wellness brand that needs to offload the work, we gotchu.

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