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Sales Copywriting Techniques: Let Your Website Sell FOR You

The secret to automatic lead generation for your wellness brand is sales copywriting that allows your website to sell FOR you.

If your healthcare clients visit your website and can’t figure out what you do or who you are, you’re in major trouble. On the other hand, your content can literally become the best salesperson on your team if you invest time or money into solid sales copywriting.

Here are some of the best sales copywriting techniques that will help you find health & wellness clients on autopilot:

Create curiosity

If you want your healthcare patient or client to even click on your blog post or web page, you need to pique their interest. For example, if the title of this blog post was simply “Tips for Sales Copywriting,” it could get lost in thousands of other sales copywriting articles. But because the title included “Let Your Website Sell FOR You,” the content seemed a little more interesting, did it not?

Draw your readers in with action-oriented, eye-catching blog titles and opening sentences so they are eager to open the link in the first place. Without this step, there’s no point in even writing the rest of the copy if no one is going to read it…

Imagination leads to conversion

Have you ever heard the phrase “sell the dream?” This concept is how the best sales professionals around the world convince people to buy whatever they’re selling.

Imagine you’re marketing an online nutrition program and you want to give your readers a sneak peek of what’s included. Instead of just giving them a list of workouts and healthy snack ideas, SELL THEM THE DREAM.

  • What are the specific health issues your ideal client is dealing with right now?
  • Think of their emotions and physical hardships that you can solve for them.
  • How will they feel after they complete your nutrition program?
  • What will your healthy recipes smell and taste like?
  • Why is your fitness plan better than everyone else’s?

You need to demonstrate the value of your online nutrition program by appealing to their senses & desires. No one is interested in the technical features of your healthcare product. They want to know how it will apply to their situation and transform their current situation from shit to fit.


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Leverage variety

If I had written this blog post in one long paragraph, how quickly do you think you would fall asleep?

Easy-to-scan sales copywriting with a variety of sentence structures, bullet points, text attributes, etc., keeps your ideal health clients engaged and, more importantly, AWAKE. This also allows readers to quickly get an idea of the content and find out if they want to read everything in detail. Always remember this: people are BUSY and they have the attention span of a goldfish…

PLUS, when you break up your sales copywriting with different titles, bold text, and bullet points, you have more control of the outcome. Your ideal clients will be drawn to specific phrases and ideas when they stand out from the rest of the page. This is an easy psychology trick you can use to bring attention to your call to action, affiliate links, or product benefits.

Looking to hire a marketing coach or sales copywriter for your health & wellness business? Contact our team to learn more about custom content for healthcare websites, signature programs, blog posts, and social media!

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