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Easy, Affordable Business Tools for Coaches

When you start a coaching business online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the technology and “Best Coaching Management Software” articles. Not only do you spend thousands of dollars on an accredited wellness coach certification program, but you then have to factor in the cost of actually building the business. UGH, so stressful!

Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of the easiest, most affordable online coaching tools that will grow your business without breaking the bank. There are some affiliate links included below and I may receive a small commission if you purchase. However, I personally recommend and use each of these online coaching tools and resources on a daily basis. They’re just that good!


Everything you need to build a coaching business...

There are hundreds of health coaching and life coaching certification programs to choose from, but the University of Wellness wins by a mile. The founder– Kerissa Kuis– cares deeply about your education and transformation throughout the entire course. The Holistic Life Coaching Certification program not only empowers you as a professional healer, but it also serves as an invigorating personal development experience that benefits every aspect of your life.

Creating an online course or group coaching program doesn’t have to be a headache. Podia makes it SO simple to build, sell, and market your products, even if you’re a total newbie. You can even create a profitable membership site and set up your own affiliate program right inside the platform! Plus, it’s much cheaper to create online courses on Podia than it is through Clickfunnels or Kajabi.

If you’re still using Mailchimp, STOP NOW and switch to Convertkit. Convertkit pricing is only $29/month and you get a variety of extra features and benefits. Visual automations let you map out your workflows with ease. Plus, Convertkit doesn’t charge you twice if you have the same subscriber on multiple lists (ahem… Mailchimp). You can also create multiple opt-in forms so users can take advantage of everything you have to offer!

It seems like everyone is using Zoom these days, which is one reason why it should on the top of your list for video conferencing. Since your coaching clients will most likely have the app downloaded beforehand, they won’t have to open a new account to start working with you. There’s a free plan that allows unlimited, 40-min 1:1 video conferences, but the Pro plan gives you so many more options and features for only $14.99/month!

Drag and drop website builders make online business ownership a breeze. However, other “easy website builders” like Wix and Squarespace will never have the power or customization benefits that WordPress offers. Elementor makes any WordPress site a beginner-friendly drag and drop website builder.