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Brand Identity Crisis: 8 Signs it’s Time to Rebrand Yourself on Social Media

Is it time to rebrand yourself on social media?

Brand identity crisis (noun):
1. When you evolve & expand beyond your current brand.
2. The realization that you no longer connect with your audience’s perception of you.

Wellness coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs rely heavily on gut instinct when it comes to, well, everything. So naturally, this decision-making strategy is going to apply in your coaching business, as well.

And if we’ve learned anything as spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s that our intuition is always right. Therefore, you WILL want to pivot your coaching business at some point… It’s inevitable.

This is why I recommend using your personal name to represent your brand.
Sure, Social Granola is cute… But using this brand instead of my own personal name could really cause some sustainability issues in the future. Here’s why:

Reason #1) I suffer from multi-passionate disorder.
Reason #2) I evolve at 10X the speed of a normal human.

So, I guess you could say that I’m no stranger to brand identity disorder…

Because of my expansion addiction, my brand is constantly struggling to keep up with my personal development. And, since you’re reading this, I have a feeling that you know exactly what I’m talking about…

8 Signs You Need to Rebrand Yourself on Social Media:

  1. Your entrepreneurial drive has plummeted.
  2. You feel exhausted all the time, even though you’re sleeping fine.
  3. Creating content is more of a chore because you feel like a broken record.
  4. You know what you need to do to move forward, but it doesn’t seem worth it anymore.
  5. The things you’re saying feel so disconnected from the things you’re feeling.
  6. You beat yourself up for being “lazy” and wonder why you can’t push through this already.
  7. You can’t connect with your ideal client in the same way anymore.
  8. Scrapping it all and starting from scratch is starting to sound so damn nice.

Whether you’re currently struggling to make a shift in your business or you’re a chronic evolver like me, there are ways to pivot with grace. You don’t have to experience a complete emotional meltdown every time you want to uplevel or create a new name for yourself.

How to Pivot Your Coaching Business (Gracefully)


Be proactive with your vulnerability

The best thing you can do to pivot your coaching business is establish a relationship with your audience right from the start.

When I shifted from a marketing agency for doctors to a marketing coach for wellness coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs, I definitely lost Instagram followers. But there were so many people that stuck around in my audience because of that personal connection. Even though I stopped creating content directed towards their niche, the personal connection they felt with my brand.

So, make sure you’re opening up to your audience and sharing pieces of your personality on social media. Remember, customers connect with PEOPLE, not brands, which is why personal, raw posts ALWAYS outperform robotic, fake ass content.


Honor yourself

Whether you’re going through a spiritual awakening or you just want to change up your services as a wellness coach, it’s important to honor your decision. Instead of beating yourself up for being “all over the place” or “inconsistent” with your branding, appreciate how far you’ve come. I mean, the fact that you even HAVE a brand means that you’re 100 steps ahead of most wantrepreneurs out there.

As a business owner, you MUST be willing to adapt and keep up with the times. So, while other coaches are holding onto their outdated image and techniques, you’re smart enough to revisit the drawing board and say “let’s see how I can improve.”  That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Love yourself for that.

“The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus

Stop and think

Whenever we add a new skill to our coaching toolbox or come up with a creative idea, it’s easy to drop everything and move full speed ahead towards implementation. “What if someone else does it first? If I don’t make all these changes today, I’m going to fall behind!” Trust me, I’ve driven myself CRAZY with these thoughts and have even jeopardized my business because I rushed into things too quickly.

As a business owner in 2020, it’s crucial that you put aside the desires of instant gratification and constant comparison so you can make the right decisions. Before you rebrand yourself on social media, take a second to breathe and think things through.

Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. What part of your current branding do you feel disconnected from?
  2. What do you love about it and want to stay the same?
  3. How can you implement your new ideas into what you’re currently doing?
  4. Is this a business problem or a personal problem?
  5. Does this align with your higher purpose or is it just a passing trend?
  6. Is this an ego-driven decision or a soul-driven decision?

Once you dig deep and understand the WHY behind this decision, then you’ll know whether or not you should rebrand yourself on social media.


Go through the branding process again

There’s a reason why Module 2 of the Wellness Marketing Accelerator is entirely dedicated to Brandstorming. Obviously, your brand identity and ideal client avatar should be one of the FIRST business decisions you make. Otherwise, you’ll have no direction or goals to strive for and your marketing efforts will eventually lead to dead ends.

But there’s one big mistake that a lot of wellness coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs make when it comes to branding… Once they complete the branding process, they never go through it again!

You should walk back through your branding checklist every six months, AT LEAST.

Even if you DON’T want to rebrand yourself on social media, you still need to evaluate the status of your business and re-align with your ICA on a regular basis. It’s easy to get swept up in new ideas and completely lose sight of your initial goal, so set aside some time every year for brand maintenance.

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Say it loud and proud

Oh you thought you could switch things up and no one would notice? Don’t even try!

Like I always say, honesty and vulnerability are crucial when it comes to building a relationship with your audience. The more “behind-the-scenes” content you share with them, the more likely they are to become a paying customer, FOR LIFE.

Before you rebrand yourself on social media, give your audience a heads up or –better yet– bring them along for the ride! Give them a backstage pass for the entire rebranding journey.

Create content that allows your audience to feel included by answering questions like:

  • Why did you decide to rebrand?
  • How will these changes benefit your audience?
  • What can they expect from now on?
  • When will these changes take place?
  • What does your rebranding process look like, from start to finish?

You may not think clients would be interested in that kind of information, but you’ll be surprised!

I mean, have you seen the numbers from Shane Dawson’s latest documentary?? They made an entire video series about the manufacturing process of their new makeup line and the entire collection sold out as a result!

So, keep your audience informed if you want to rebrand yourself on social media. Behind-the-scenes content brings in crazy money!



At some point, you’re going to outgrow your branding. Every wellness coach and spiritual entrepreneur has experienced a brand identity crisis at least once in their life, so don’t beat yourself up.

Consider it a positive thing and take pride in your evolution! Listen to your intuition and keep chasing your highest self because, without alignment, you’ll head straight for burnout.


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