Social Granola

The Quick Fix

Ready to "work smarter, not harder" (but have no idea how)??

You spend SO much time posting on social media & promoting your offers... But is it all for nothing?? Get the answers you've been searching for & amplify your impact (and income) with this "Quick Fix" Marketing Audit!

If your head's spinning with questions like...

I know how frustrating it can be to feel SO CLOSE to a breakthrough and yet you have no idea how to get there. It's easy to get lost in your own passion project & forget what it's like to be in your ideal client's shoes. But the more time you spend fiddling with your marketing, the less time you have to build a relationship with your customers. And that's where the REAL $$$ is made!

So, How does it work?

Step #1:

The Assessment

Answer an IN-DEPTH Marketing Assessment so I can get a CLEAR picture of your current business, your goals and your potential. (This alone has created massive breakthroughs!)

Step #2

The Audit

Once you’ve submitted the assessment, I comb through your website & social media content and find hidden opportunities to optimize, repurpose, systemize, & monetize your brand. 

Step #1:

The Action Plan

I send you a 90-Day Profit Plan with personalized recommendations, creative ideas, copywriting edits, & growth strategies that you can start implementing ASAP. 

Don’t be surprised if you walk away with a totally different outlook on your brand’s vision, message, position, and ideal clients. Hell, you may even realize that the entire playbook needs to be thrown out and built from scratch!

**I normally charge $1,500 for a marketing audit, but you can grab yours right now for only $159 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)!