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Getting Paying Coaching Clients

A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Getting Paying Coaching Clients

Whether you’re a wellness coach, online therapist, or holistic health practitioner, there are some coaching clients that fuel your fire, and some that make you want to run for the exit door.

Imagine turning away the BAD coaching clients because your schedule is too booked up with IDEAL clients

How would that improve your wellness coaching practice?

  • You would feel more passionate about your business
  • You could specialize in the services you LOVE
  • Your experience and techniques would improve
  • Clients would be more inclined to refer their friends
  • Your team could feed off of your newfound energy and motivation
  • $$$

Here are some crucial steps you need to take in order to attract ideal clients to your wellness coaching practice:

Get specific about your goals

Who IS your ideal client? You can’t attract ideal clients to your coaching practice if you aren’t really sure who they are. Sit down one day and ask yourself, “Which clients are easy to work with, spend the most money, and align with my goals as a wellness expert?” Then, start filling in the blanks:

  1. What is the age range of my ideal client?
  2. What is their annual income?
  3. Are they male or female?
  4. What kind of lifestyle do they have?
  5. Which coaching services are they likely to buy?
  6. What problems do they have?
  7. Who are my top 3 favorite clients that I have RIGHT NOW?

Once you get specific about your ideal client persona and their habits, you can restructure your business strategy to hyper-target those individuals.

Align your messaging with your ideal client personas

Now that you know exactly who to target, you should communicate clearly to their needs with strategic content marketing. Speak to your ideal client’s pain points and help them realize that YOU are the answer they’ve been searching for. Make sure all of your messaging is aligned with this goal in mind, whether it’s your emails, website copy or social media posts, etc. If you’re not able to talk the talk with your ideal coaching client, they will avoid walking the walk into your appointment book.

Make sure your content marketing and overall messaging are always centered around your ideal client:

  • Engaging
  • Easy to understand (They don’t care about the technical bullshit)
  • Thought-provoking
  • Client-focused instead of “salesy”
  • Valuable
  • Educational
  • Consistent

You want your audience to be 90% sold on your wellness coaching services before they even fill out your contact form. If your emails are all technical mumbo-jumbo instead of raw, emotional stories that showcase the benefits of your coaching techniques, they’re going to fall asleep.

Start trimming the fat & niche down

You know which coaching clients you want to work with, now it’s time to get rid of the clients and services that don’t align with your target audience. Stop accepting low-value clients into your coaching practice and eliminate the programs or offerings that no longer push you towards your goals.

Here are just a few benefits of running a niche coaching practice:

  • Lower overhead costs
  • More revenue per client
  • Work less
  • Make more per hour
  • Less competition

The list goes on and on…

You should also get rid of any social media platforms, communication methods, or other business systems that are weighing you down. Which platforms do you enjoy using and get results from? This may apply to your employees, as well. Is there anyone on your team that’s dragging you down? From my experience, that poison can spread like WILDFIRE and infect everyone in the office.

From this point forward, everything– from your marketing materials to your front desk staff– should be hyper-focused towards your ideal client. Get rid of the fluff.

Show up where your ideal client is virtually hanging out

How does your ideal coaching client spend their time? Which social media platforms do they use to communicate with their friends? What kind of websites do they frequent?

These social media statistics from Digital Authority may shed some light on your ideal lient’s favorite hang out spots:

  • Women (83%)  use Facebook more than men (75%).
  • Younger generations between ages 18-29 are 3x more likely to use Twitter than people aged 65+.
  • The largest demographic (60%) on Snapchat includes teens and young adults (ages 13-34), but the fastest growing demographic is 35+.
  • Instagram users drop off the platform as they get older: 33% of adults 30-49 use Instagram, while only about 8% of adults 65+ use Instagram.
  • More than 1 in 3 adults use Pinterest and women are 3x more likely to engage on the platform.

Facebook groups are a great way to connect 1:1 with ideal clients, so start searching for communities that relate to your practice. Whichever platform you use, make sure you’re contributing to the conversation, instead of spamming everyone with salesy bullshit. If you provide value to the community, your ideal client base will grow organically.

Now it’s time to take action

Once you’ve got these CRUCIAL steps down, here are a few more ways you can attract ideal clients to your wellness coaching practice:

  • Ask your current clients for referrals
  • Encourage clients to leave a review online
  • Only pay for digital advertising when you’re READY to target your ideal client
  • Give your best clients the 5-star treatment
  • Start a wellness coaching blog on your website to boost SEO

I want to hear from you! What’s worked for you in the past? How do you attract ideal clients to your wellness coaching business? Comment below!

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