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Lead Magnet Funnel for Health Coaches

The Best Lead Magnet Funnel Tips for Coaches

So today we’re going to talk about the best lead magnet funnel tips for coaches. If you’re not familiar with that term, a lead magnet is something that you give potential clients so they can get a taste of what you have to offer. It’s a way to build your website, by offering something for free or for a really low cost to get people to subscribe to your email list.

Your lead magnet funnel will also include a welcome email sequence which is a sequence of emails those subscribers get once they download your lead magnet. This entire system is supposed to guide potential coaching clients through the buyer’s journey & automate your sales process for quicker, more efficient conversions.

Below, I’m going to give you some tips that I wish I would have known when I started out… If you already have a lead magnet, maybe this will give you a new perspective and help you optimize it a little bit more to attract more subscribers. Above all, I want to help you avoid some mistakes that beginners usually make and start out on the right foot.

1. The Best Lead Magnets are SIMPLE

Your lead magnet WILL evolve over time as your expertise expands and your business starts to grow. You will want to improve it and add more information to make sure it’s valuable & relevant for your audience. For example, when it comes to my content calendar template, I have to redo it every year because it is a yearly calendar.

Best lead magnet tips

With that being said, don’t worry about spending all this money on a graphic designer or copywriter to make sure every detail is perfect. Do something simple in the beginning like a PDF, checklist or some kind of schedule that people can easily download and use on a regular basis. The point is that someone will be inclined to use it frequently… That way, you’re always at the top of their mind… Which brings us to number 2.

2. The Best Lead Magnets are PRACTICAL

What’s something that you use every day, without really even thinking about it? What tools have been the most useful in your journey? Give them a simplified version of that. If you’re a health coach and you use a food tracker of some kind, create a beginner-friendly worksheet or reference guide that you would’ve appreciated at that stage.  Don’t overcomplicate it. Break it down & give them the most basic information they need to know to reach their goal.

The best lead magnet I’ve seen in a while is the Hormone Balance Challenge by Angelique Panagos. One of the reasons I was drawn to it was because it was very specific & simple. Even though it was a 5-day challenge (I usually recommend 3 days for any free challenge or series), the tasks for each day was really easy to accomplish. Some people try to overcomplicate things to prove how intelligent & experienced they are, which is actually counterproductive sets your audience up to fail… But Angelique broke it up into simple, bite-sized tasks or questions that didn’t take up too much time or effort. The point is to get your audience thinking. Don’t give them too much too soon.

3. The Best Lead Magnets are RELEVANT

Your lead magnet should benefit your audience AND you. What pre-qualifying information do they need to know before they work with you? What are some housekeeping things they should be aware of before they enroll in your program? What are some FAQ’s or topics you always have to address that you don’t really like to waste your time teaching or coaching on? Use your lead magnet to cover that information!

Use your lead magnet to ensure your potential clients are PREPARED to work with you BEFORE getting on the consultation call. That will save you and your audience a lot of time & energy beforehand.

Now for the Welcome Email Sequence…

The best lead magnet funnel for coaches doesn’t just end with lead magnet… Once your potential coaching clients sign up for your lead magnet, it’s time to lead them through the buyer’s journey with a click-ass welcome email sequence. Otherwise, you’re just giving away sh*t for free… And that’s not a business.

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Here are some tips to make sure your lead magnet funnel converts coaching clients. Listen up, because these are VERY important.

1. Don’t be afraid to SELL

The conversion rates for your lead magnet funnel will be much higher than any other email you send out. You know once they fill out that opt-in form, they’re going to run they asses right over to their email inbox and check for the confirmation message. They want that free gift, yo! This is where most health coaches drop the ball…

The mistake health coaches typically make is waiting too long to ask for the sale. If the “Thank You” email in your lead magnet funnel has an open rate of 98%, why WOULDN’T you take advantage of this opportunity?? I’m not saying you should hit them with a $1,999 coaching package, but a $7-27 tripwire or introductory offer should DEFINITELY be included in that first interaction.

2. Shoutout to the scrollers

Raise your hand if you scroll straight to the bottom of every single email that comes through your mailbox! Me too. And so does your audience.

That’s why, in most of my emails, I include a P.S. section under my signature. This is typically where my most important information goes… Whether it’s a link to join my Facebook Group or that introductory offer we talked about above, I make sure to mention that in the P.S. section. Gotta save the best for last!

3. Trim the fat

Keep the welcome email sequence in your lead magnet funnel SHORT. So many health coaches ramble on and on with like 7 emails because they want to make sure to cover every. little. detail. BUT that’s not the point of a lead magnet funnel.

Your welcome email sequence is there to:

  • Tell your new subscribers how to use the lead magnet they just downloaded
  • Build on that free offer & demonstrate your value
  • Introduce them to you & your health coaching services

The more emails you try to stuff in your lead magnet funnel, the less likely it will be to keep your subscriber’s attention. Save the random value-add emails for your nurture sequence and get straight to the point here.

4. Double opt-ins save lives

Ok not really. But they DO help with your email deliverability. The double opt-in feature will send a confirmation email to your subscriber right after they sign up for your opt-in form. By clicking that button inside the confirmation email, your subscriber is saying “yes, I want to be contacted by this person.” This allows you to stay compliant with email marketing and spam regulations, keeps spam accounts away, & ensures you have an engaged, active email list!

So, if you want your emails to stay out of your subscribers’ spam box, make sure you turn your double opt-in on. Here’s what it looks like inside Flodesk:

lead magnet funnel for health coaches

Ready to convert more clients?

Hope these lead magnet funnel tips have been helpful! If you’re still struggling to come up with content or attract coaching clients, it might be time to hire a content marketing coach.

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