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[Complete Guide] How Do I Market My Coaching Business?

As a wellness content marketing expert, I get this question all the time:

“How do I market my coaching business?”

Well, you’re FINALLY going to get a comprehensive answer…

The reason I started the Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program is I noticed a major gap in the coaching industry. All of these health practitioners and wellness coaches were graduating with amazing certificates and skillsets, but they had no idea how to run a BUSINESS. Although my clients are typically larger health & wellness brands, I had so many wellpreneurs contact me for marketing help.

It’s always the same discussion…

Health Coach: “Hi, I love your content! Can I hire you to take over my marketing?”

Me: “Oh thank you! Sure, I’d love to chat with you about marketing… Here are my prices.”

Health Coach: “WOAH. That’s way out of my budget. I’ll have to find someone cheaper.”

Me: “Yeah, my done-for-you marketing services are TOP NOTCH, so the cost is typically a little too high for solopreneurs.”

Health Coach: “Damn, I guess I’ll have to look for someone cheaper.”


The same health coach is looking for a different marketing approach because their cheap “social media manager” was producing AWFUL content.

Here’s why health coaches shouldn’t hire a marketing VA:

1. You’re not ready for HR
Managing employees– no matter how part-time they are– takes A LOT of work. You may think that a virtual assistant will be a quick fix to all of your business problems, but most wellpreneurs are SHOCKED when they realize how much time this process takes.

2. You don’t have a brand identity 
If YOU aren’t even sure what your brand identity or marketing strategy is, why would you expect a random virtual assistant to successfully represent your business? I like to pride myself on my ability to adapt to any brand’s voice, vision, and message. Why? Because I require my clients to either provide me with a brand kit or complete a brand strategy session with me before we work together. Before you hire ANYONE, you should be able to hand over a complete guide that gives your freelancer a clear description of who you are, what you do, and how you want to be portrayed to the public.

3. You need cheap help and you need it NOW
No one makes wise decisions when it’s an emergency. Make sure you start the scouting process early enough to properly interview multiple candidates and have a clear outline of tasks for them to take over. DON’T wait until the last minute and grab the first person that applies and DON’T hire the cheapest option. Their work will SUCK.

Trust me, I’ve been through my fair share of crappy VA’s and I want to save you from the heartache. When you hire a virtual assistant before you’re ready, you end up doing TWICE the amount of work because everything they turn in has to be revised or completely redone.

The Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program will give you the foundation you need so that you can easily delegate tasks in the future. Not only will we clarify your health coach brand, but we’ll also design a specialized marketing strategy AND implement an easy-to-follow content creation system that scales with your business.

Throughout the 8-week Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program, you will:

⦾   Build a content marketing strategy that specifically aligns with YOUR coaching business

⦾   Clarify your messaging so your clients can understand what the f*ck you’re even selling

   Create a content calendar that tells you exactly what to post for the next year!

⦾   Become a content idea generator that never runs out of things to talk about online

⦾   Automate your content so you can “set it and forget it”

⦾   Become the expert in your industry so that your ideal clients are BEGGING to work with you

⦾   Speak directly to your ideal clients so they will finally click BUY and begin their transformation

⦾   Extinguish the stress of “What should I post today?” syndrome

⦾   Create more freedom in your life so you can focus on your COACHING CLIENTS, instead of your marketing

So many health and wellness professionals are worried about sounding “salesy.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can run a successful heart-centered health coaching business without feeling like a total d*ck… Content marketing is about connecting with the RIGHT wellness clients, instead of trying to convert EVERYONE.

Creating branded content that is meaningful and valuable to your target audience is a sure-fire way to bring in sales without selling your soul.

Ready to get started?

Start Module 1 of the Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program NOW!


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