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8 Health and Wellness Trends to Keep in Mind for 2020

When you’re building out your content marketing strategy for the year, you always want to be 3 steps ahead of the competition. As a wellness coach or spiritual entrepreneur, it’s important to keep health and wellness trends for 2020 in mind so you can have a head start.

The first health and wellness trends that come to mind for most health coaches are typically yoga, the latest fad diet, or green juice. You wouldn’t be wrong, but you would only be scratching the surface.

To say there is a lot going on in this $50+ billion industry would be an understatement. Just check social media and you are bound to discover a new workout, supplement, or fat bomb recipe.

While you should never take anything at face value (looking at you, Khloe Kardashian and your flat tummy tea), there is an abundance of exciting, and more importantly, legitimate, health and wellness innovations emerging each day.

While physical health will never go out of style, 2020 will be the year of mental & spiritual health.

Why do you think self-care has been in the spotlight so much recently? It’s all about relaxation and stress-free living. Read on to find out what health and wellness trends for 2020 you should be focusing on.

Kundalini Yoga

Obviously, yoga has been around for centuries… But with the popularity of New Age practices rising, Kundalini yoga is steadily becoming the go-to workout for millennials everywhere.

A blend of Bhakti Yoga, Shakti Yoga, and Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga can feel like a full therapy session once you finally stand up from your mat. The term “Kundalini” actually means “coiled one” in Sanskrit and refers to the life force energy at the base of your spine. By practicing Kundalini yoga, you are releasing that energy and unlocking your full potential out into the world.

Between the chanting, breathwork, mudras, and physical postures, this practice is meant to be a transformative experience, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Holotropic Breathwork

Why pay for a Xanax prescription when you can chill out with this totally free alternative? We breathe all day long, but when you consciously focus on your breath and turn inward, the benefits are astounding.

Holotropic breathwork is a form of therapeutic breathing in which you breathe very quickly for a long period of time in order to alter your state of consciousness. As you begin to shift the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your body, this practice is known to result in psychological restoration and spiritual development.

Be warned… Holotropic breathwork can result in psychedelic experiences, similar to an LSD trip. So try it at your own risk!


Working (Out) From Home

When it comes to the future of home fitness, we’re not talking about ellipticals and treadmills. If you’re an early adopter, then you are well aware of the latest at-home fitness systems. Peloton’s popularity has sparked major competition in the space. In addition to smart exercise bikes, you can now purchase smart rowing machines and weight lifting systems. Even more impressive is Mirror, a full-length fitness mirror that acts a personal trainer. You get to choose what type of classes you want to take and then it turns into a mirror when not in use.

Home fitness = convenience. And you know damn well that people will pay top dollar for convenience.

Plant-Based Gainz

What looks like meat, tastes like meat, but isn’t meat? Plants. Whether it’s a meat-less burger, faux eggs, or vegan fish, 2020 will be the year of plant-based meat alternatives. While Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have been making names for themselves for a few years now, expect to see a variety of new products and brands enter the market. One such company is Good Catch. In order to address overfishing, Good Catch has introduced “tuna” made from a variety of legumes. You can also expect to see lab-grown salmon and “shrimp” from algae.

The Need for Zzz’s

Considered a public health epidemic by the CDC, sleep deprivation cannot only wreak havoc on your physical appearance, but your cognition and mental health as well. Over the past year, you’ve probably come across wearable tech that tracks sleep. Now, sleep is being addressed by more categories in the health and wellness space than ever before. Expect to see more blue-light blocking glasses and screen protectors as well as mood-boosting light bulbs that can also help you wind down and wake up. Additionally, gyms, such as Equinox, are hiring sleep coaches to help their members combat sleep issues.

Restorative Biohacking

While biohacking sounds like something you would do in a lab or on your computer, it is actually about reaching your body’s maximum potential. In the past, the fitness industry has always been focused on classes and your actual workout. Now, many studios and separate entities are dedicated to the post-workout, recovery phase. In 2020, expect to see more restorative services focusing on nutrition, sleep, stress, and healing.

Dr. House…Call

In 2020, you can expect to see even more telehealth services roll out. Talking to a doctor or health practitioner via video conference allows patients to consult with a physician and receive a prescription in under 10 minutes. For patients living in rural communities or dealing with mobility issues, telehealth provides a more convenient option than having to book an appointment and get to the doctor’s office. Additionally, telehealth gives patients a more comfortable atmosphere when discussing embarrassing issues such as urinary incontinence, feminine hygiene, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss.

Shopping the Perimeter for Snacks

Instead of mindless snacking, consumers have become more interested in mindful snacking. As a result, you can expect to see more snacks in the produce and dairy departments at your local supermarket. 2020 is going to be the year of fresh convenience foods. Instead of shopping the middle aisles for granola bars, snack packs, and chips, more consumers will be purchasing refrigerated protein bars, probiotic-rich bars and drinks, dairy alternative smoothies and yogurt, and whole-food, preservative-free snacks to get them between meals.

As you build out your content marketing plan, signature program, or business model, keep these health and wellness trends for 2020 in mind.


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  1. Instagram has truly changed how health and wellbeing brands are marketed. With influencers driving trends like clean eating and healthy delivery services, both sectors are booming like never before. But what’s next? What are the most credible health and wellness trends to look out for this year?

  2. Many start-ups are changing the perspective of feminine care and sexual wellness space with perfect-for-you elements, product novelty, and comprehensive branding. Also nurturing into this newest trend are women’s health clinics, which are progressively more offering more tailored and holistic healthcare solution for women. However, many next-generation nutrition organizations are now using tech to cater a great personalization. Various bespoke nutrition companies are paying attention to mobile-first strategies, chatbots, and a holistic prominence on wellness. Capitalization to space is heaving, and Big Food has also been researching with genomics-based sustenance.

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