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Content marketing for an online wellness business

The Best Content Marketing Strategies for Health Practitioners

When you decided to become a health practitioner, I bet two things crossed your mind:

“I’m going to change people’s lives” and “I’m about to make money money money biitchhh.”

Maybe you’re still holding on to that childlike optimism. Or maybe you’ve been in the game long enough to know that it’s not as easy as you once thought.

So many health practitioners think that if they just get one more certification or take a few more courses, they’ll have enough credentials to build the online business they’ve always wanted. Well, I got news for ya hun.

Unless you plan on becoming Chief Surgeon of a hospital, no one gives a shit about your credentials.

It’s sad, but it’s true.

People want to be wooed. They want to feel connected to YOU, not the collection of letters at the end of your name. You may think that marketing is a sleazy sales technique that companies use to trick customers into buying cheap products, and that may be true about some brands. However, when you’ve worked with heart-centered, good-natured, health practitioners as long as I have, you know how to promote without selling your soul.

Here are some of the best content marketing strategies for health practitioners that you can actually feel good about:

Create VALUABLE Content for Free, Without Expecting Anything in Return

The first thing you need to do to build trust and boost brand awareness is to create TONS of unique content that offers your audience something that other health practitioners don’t. Just a couple of years ago, you could climb to the top of the virtual ladder by simply spitting out as many blog posts as possible, even if they were total shit. Well, Google realized how dumb that was and now the script has been flipped. The top wellness companies online have gotten where they are today because of the amount of value they provide their readers BEFORE they even make a purchase.

“But Caroline, how am I going to make money if I’m just giving everything away?”

You know, I thought about this too when I was starting an online business. I would listen to Gary Vaynerchuk rant about the importance of serving others with educational content and never expecting anything in return. Of course, the selfish part of my brain was like, ummmm I need to make a living and I don’t have time for this BS. Then, the divine intervention came.

My church began a series that was all about finances and generosity. They brought in members that had experienced jaw-dropping professional, personal, and financial transformations, simply by putting others first in life. I took what I learned that day and applied it to my life.

I began tithing every Sunday, weaving generosity into my daily routine, and constantly thought about the effects my actions would have on the people around me. The results were appalling.

Not only did my personal relationships improve, doors starting opening for my career out of NOWHERE and I started making more money than ever.

This is the mindset you should have for your content marketing strategy. SERVE your audience and the best will follow.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more ways a client-focused content marketing strategy can boost your online business:

  • When you approach your content marketing with the end goal of solving a problem instead of selling a product, they TRUST you. Trust is what makes customers become raving fans.
  • Informative content that’s jam-packed of juicy information will position you as an expert in the health and wellness industry. It’s proof that you know what the hell you’re talking about.
  • You stand out from all the other health practitioners or fitness influencers that write BS like “3 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat Before You Sign Up for My $3000 Program”
  • A ton of online health brands fail because of low client retention. People may sign up for a month, but they drop off after you’ve given them the goods. Constantly keeping your clients educated with the best content ever will be the reason they stick around for the long haul.

Put Your Online Business on Autopilot: Automated Marketing Systems

“I just kind of throw out social media posts whenever I feel inspired.”

Does that sound familiar? I hear this statement literally all the time from my health and wellness clients. Trust me, I totally understand how difficult it can be to create content whenever you’re lacking motivation or the spark just hasn’t shown up that day. Luckily, there are SO many automated systems and platforms out there that allow you to schedule all your content ahead of time for weeks, months, even years into the future. Once you set it and forget it, you won’t have to wake up each day and think “what am I going to post today?”

Not only does this give your wellness brand a more consistent, streamlined content strategy, but automation also saves TIME. I’m talking UP TO 3 WORK HOURS per day. That’s 9 WEEKS out of the year you could use to go on vacation, launch a new training program, or spend meaningful time with your coaching clients. Plus, automated content marketing systems allow you to offload the tasks you HATE so you can avoid burnout.

Here are some of the best content marketing automation tools for your online business:

Social Media Management

Hootsuite is the social media management tool I use for my wellness clients right now. However, it’s been a real piece of shit since day 1, so I’m looking to switch to a much more reliable system. Although it does allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, some of my accounts fail to send on a regular basis. When that happens, I have to go into the app and post it myself, which completely defeats the purpose of having a social media automation tool.

They also allow you to create hundreds of posts in a CSV file and bulk upload them to your Hootsuite account, but if you want to include an image in those posts, well you can’t. Once you bulk upload your posts, you have to go into each individual post and add a picture. So, IDK how that’s helpful at all…

Some other social media automation tools you may want to try out are:

Write to the Point and Keep Your Reader’s Attention

If you have a blog or any other type of written content, avoid risking “TL;DR” (too long didn’t read) whenever possible, but also don’t fall into a trap of writing meagerly. Be informative, edifying, factual, revealing, didactic – these are all the adjectives you want to be associated with your name. There’s a good reason why blogs like WebMD, Harvard Health Blog, or Mind Body Green are at the top of the list of best health blogs. Marketing is a precarious business, and you want to be the one who holds the torch. Show everyone that there’s definitely a way (and it certainly isn’t THE ONLY WAY) to overcome their struggles.

Unleashing compelling content should be at the top of your priorities.

Approach customers like you would approach people in everyday situations: don’t treat them like bodies attached to wallets, but as human beings with emotions and desires. You’re there to help them fulfill their dream life, not to rip and run.

Build a Strong Visual Identity

Apart from good writing, you also want to use engaging audio and video content duly and regularly. More and more studies resurface every day about the benefits of making vlogs and live videos in the fitness industry. Instagram Stories and Facebook Live have proven to be very effective in engaging users.

It goes without saying that having a strong visual identity can help your business immensely. Just check out New Ocean Health Solutions or MeYou Health as good examples.

  • New Ocean offers its customers to learn more about them and their services through various engaging videos.
  • MeYou Health has interesting graphic design solutions and animated videos that help lure and entice clients.

As a health practitioner or personal trainer, you have to realize that you’re mostly dealing with people who are aesthetically inclined. It may sound brutal, but let’s face it: you’d never hire a fitness coach who can’t stand up out of their chair without breaking a sweat, right? The same goes with displaying your visual identity to clients – you want it to be POWERFUL.

Optimize Your Content and Develop Keyword Strategies

I strongly suggest you utilize and make most of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For example, when you’re writing blog posts or newsletters, make sure to follow SEO rules and guidelines. Online visibility should be one of your PRIME CONCERNS.

You also want to be BOLD in your presentation. That doesn’t mean you should get cocky or arrogant. You want to ooze confidence, but stay humble and unpretentious at the same time. Give out the impression that you’re approachable and easy going, but also that you cannot be messed with. It’s all about creating that BALANCE.

Sometimes You Have to Go Small in Order to Get Big

Taking baby steps ain’t fun. “We want the world and we want it now,” as Jim Morrison once said. But the truth is: you have to put your business in a position to GROW NATURALLY AND SPONTANEOUSLY. That means you need to think outside the box and generally avoid rushing things, because no one really likes when you’re acting impatiently. That kind of behavior is a huge RED LIGHT for clients. Try to focus more on things that are in your control, and slowly but surely you will get into that desired situation of being in the driver’s seat.

This strategy could also include opting for MICRO-INFLUENCERS, instead of trying to engage celebrities. That’s potentially a low risk – high reward move, for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s much easier to get a hold of micro-influencers than celebrities.
  • Micro influencers are significantly cheaper to recruit than famous people.
  • Don’t neglect the fact that people also look up to these micro influencers, sometimes even more than celebrities.
  • People tend to believe and identify with someone who is more relatable. They look and feel LEGIT. Lives of micro-influencers seem more graspable to them, as if they’re just around the corner.

Try to Be Authentic and Don’t Just Recycle Other’s Ideas

One of the best strategies to implement is not following the paths already taken. Almost 60% of consumers reported that the authenticity of a brand’s content influenced them to follow the brand. Be creative in your own original way and do things on your terms. Don’t worry about being too eclectic. How can you even start thinking about your own wellbeing or others’ prosperity if you’re constantly pondering about how to fit in? Ancient Greeks have been relentlessly talking about eudaemonia, and they sure knew a thing or two about practical things and everyday ethics. Be open about your ideas as much as you’re open to other people’s thoughts and concepts.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be completely oblivious or unaware of the things that are out there and are already proven to be working marketing-wise. All I’m saying is that once you learn all the tricks in the book, you need to use that to your advantage and stop blindly following or copying what everyone else is saying and doing.

To sum it all up:

  • Don’t do things just because you expect something in return.
  • Use the advantages of automated marketing systems.
  • Learn to recognize when is the right moment to shut off and turn that auto-pilot on.
  • If/ when you manage social media by yourself, do it at your own pace.
  • Always make sure that you’re creating valuable content.
  • Pay attention to your visual identity.
  • Have and nurture your own unique style and voice – people are gonna remember it.
  • You want to respect other people’s time as much as possible and simultaneously make sure you’re giving them quality content.

After all, health and wellness marketing strategies aren’t that much different from health and wellness strategies in general.

With these simple health and wellness marketing tips and strategies, you should be able to launch yourself into the stratosphere of online success.

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