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Grow a Coaching Business in 2020

8 Must-Haves to Grow a Coaching Business in 2020

If you’re trying to grow a coaching business in 2020, I probably don’t have to tell you how crowded the industry is getting or how rapidly it evolves. Sometimes it can feel like an entirely new world from day to day. 

Here’s the truth: you CAN thrive, grow and stay visible in this environment… you just have to be willing to adapt to the latest trends and take aligned action with your marketing moves. 

Are you ready to get seen, attract your ideal clients, and increase your organic sales? I got you! Read on for proven marketing strategies that will set your coaching business up for success in 2020 and beyond…

Stay on top of market trends

This industry moves quickly, and staying on top of (or better yet, AHEAD OF) the trends is a smart way to stay visible and accelerate the growth of your coaching business. And in 2020, there are so many things we’re able to tap into and take advantage of compared to previous years.

So what are the emerging market trends that affect coaching in 2020, and how can you effectively incorporate them into your business?

  1. Technology. I know, I know…how can this be a trend if it’s been on every list for the past 20 years? In reality, technology is ever-changing, and there are constantly new ways to use it to optimize your coaching business. This year specifically, there’s a huge boom in AI technology, making online automation easier, cheaper, and faster than ever. The flip side: that means that strong soft skills like creativity, empathy, and communication will go even further in setting you apart and connecting you with the right audience. Let the AI tackle your data entry while you brush up on your writing skills. 
  2. Reliability + Proof. Let’s be real… with the oversaturation of the coaching industry comes the increase in coaches who aren’t exactly that great. Combine that with the confusion around what a coach actually does, and suddenly you’re not even sure you want to call yourself a coach anymore. In order to grow a coaching business in 2020, it’s important to back up your claims with hard evidence. Demonstrate your value, get testimonials, and showcase your results. You have so much to offer…prove it!
  3. Data Analysis. This isn’t as scary as it sounds, I promise. The tracking technology available these days has come so far, and the data available to you is enormous. By tapping into it, you’re able to gain insight on what your audience wants, what’s working, and what isn’t, and then tailor your approach accordingly. 
  4. Hyper-Personalization. The market rewards specialization. The more you niche down, the more you’ll be able to understand your audience in a meaningful way. The more you understand them, the better able you are to give them exactly what they need.
  5. Interactive Content. Diversifying your content marketing strategy is huge. You want to be on as many different platforms as possible, but with the least amount of effort. Think of ways you can repurpose your content across platforms (for example, turning an Instagram live into a blog post). Prioritize content that your audience can engage with: think live videos, quizzes, infographics, and digital downloads.
  6. Sustainability. Think long-term. What are the long-term benefits you’re providing people? How can you give them hope? Emphasize that. 
  7. Storytelling + vulnerability. People connect with people, not brands…and that’s especially true if you want to grow a coaching business in 2020. You need to build trust with people in order for them to feel comfortable buying from you. Get clear on your vision and values so you can connect with your audience on a deeper, soul level. Show your face, get on video, and let yourself get honest and relatable as you promote your coaching business in 2020. Hint: think of your Instagram Stories as a blog.


Plan for the year ahead

Assess your current situation

Now it’s time to plan for the year ahead. The first step towards planning for the future is to figure out what’s working and what isn’t working for your coaching business in 2020. To get started, here are some questions to work through:

  1. What did you accomplish in 2019?
  2. What were your brand’s strengths?
  3. What were your weaknesses?
  4. What did you mean to accomplish but never quite got around to doing?
  5. How did you spend your time in 2019? Were you distracted? Focused?
  6. How were your sales in 2019? 
  7. Where did those sales come from? How did you make them happen?
  8. What did you invest in? Did those investments pay off?
  9. Did you stay true to your brand’s mission? Or did you stray from your goals?


Align and plan out your goals for 2020

The next step is to align with the energy you want to create within your coaching business in 2020, and then plan out your goals accordingly. Here are some guiding questions:

  1. Choose one word to represent your theme for 2020.
  2. List 3 goals that align with that theme.
  3. What exactly do you want to accomplish?
  4. Who do you want to be and how do you want to feel in 2020?
  5. Who do you want to serve and how do you want to serve them?
  6. How do you picture your business 12 months from now?
  7. What are the main 3 goals you want to set for 2020?


Release what’s holding you back

Now it’s time to identify and remove the obstacles standing in your way of achieving those goals. What are the tasks that you like to do in your business, and what are the tasks that you dread and end up putting off for way longer than you should? What can you let go of to free up your time, energy, and emotions?

Start small. Maybe there are random email newsletters piling up that you don’t read and aren’t even sure you signed up for in the first place? Unsubscribe! Is there an app that is a continual time-suck? Delete it. Maybe you absolutely hate accounting? Hire someone to take over that task for you. 


Optimize your business flow

What can you improve what you already have, without buying new things or learning whole new systems? What can be systematized or automated? What content can be re-purposed or reworked? 

What part of your sales funnel needs work? Is it your brand awareness? Do you need to boost your engagement? Lead generation systems? Closing sales? Where can you improve what already exists so that everything runs more smoothly?


Invite in new improvements 

Now that you’ve aligned, released, and optimized, you have a better idea of what you can bring in that will make the biggest difference in the success of your coaching business in 2020. 

What do you need that you don’t already have that will be crucial for you to achieve your goals? What investments will generate the highest return for you personally? 

Maybe it’s a coach of your own who will be able to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than you could alone. Maybe it’s a wellness coaching certification that you need to move forward with your business. Or maybe it’s a good website. Think about what your strengths, weaknesses, and existing structures, and go from there.


Get into your flow

Finally, it’s time to create a soul-aligned workflow that will help you execute without burning out. How do you want to operate and structure your coaching business in 2020? What kind of schedule would you like to have? What kind of structure works best with your energy? It’s important to plan ahead and give yourself space to so that you aren’t rushed and stressed and headed towards burnout. 


8 MUST-HAVES to grow a coaching business in 2020 

  1. A crystal clear vision. You need to know where you’re going, what your main goals are, and what’s most important to you.
  2. A rock solid foundation. Make sure you know exactly what you’re offering. What are your services? What are your sales funnels? Where are you marketing, and how? If the structure is wobbly, don’t just add more on…keep refining until you’re clear and confident.
  3. A PROVEN product + results. Solidify your services and make sure you’re getting and communicating strong results.
  4. A magnetic online presence. In the oversaturated market, you need to set yourself apart. Know where your audience is and how to connect with them in a real, meaningful way.
  5. A confident brand voice. If you aren’t confident in yourself and your product, how do you expect your customers to feel? Make sure you have clear messaging and an unapologetic mission.
  6. Pioneering ideas + creative direction. You might not be the first, but you can make sure you’re the best. Present your ideas in new, original ways that your audience hasn’t heard before.
  7. Laser focus + commitment. Understand what’s most important, what you can realistically commit to, and stick with it.
  8. Killer marketing strategy. How is your website connected to your social media? How are you raising awareness while increasing engagement while also closing sales? How does it all fit together?


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