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Free vs. Paid Content for Coaches

Free vs. Paid Content: Am I Giving Away Too Much??

I get this question ALL. THE. TIME: “How much content should I give away for free??”

As a content marketing coach, you know I’m all about giving away free content to build trust with your audience & attract new clients. I mean, how else are you going to prove your worth when there are so many fake coaches out there scamming people??

But we have to remember that THIS IS A BUSINESS… If you want to continue helping people as a health coach, you’re going to need an income at some point.

So how can we determine what should be free vs. paid content?
What kind of free content is great for, say, a blog?
And how much paid content should be saved for VIP coaching clients??

Some marketing coaches tell you to give everything away as free content…While others tell you to save your best info for paying clients.

The struggle is real, which is why I discussed this topic inside my Facebook Group during a recent Marketing #Tip Tuesday video called “Free vs. Paid Content: Am I Giving Away Too Much??” Here are some helpful tips that will help you decide which topics you should save for paying clients and what you should offer it up pro-bono…

Clarify Your Core Offer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… But this is just reason 1,200 why you should really hone in on your core offer. Instead of getting caught up with shiny object syndrome and trying to sell a million different things at once, build up ONE program, course, or package to sell. I get it, most of us are very multi-passionate and things can get really exciting when you have a ton of different ideas you want to implement at once. However, you really need to stay focus and hone in on that core offer. I kind of learned this the hard way.

As you can tell, I’ve doubled down on the Wellness Marketing Accelerator and don’t really promote anything else. But for a while there I was creating all these different products because I would just get excited and chase down every little idea that I had. It would really confuse me and create a lot more work than necessary because I wasn’t sure what content I should save for a new offer and what content I should give away for free.

Now I know exactly what paid content is included in the Wellness Marketing Accelerator, which makes it 1000 times easier for me to come up with free content. Now, whenever I have a cool new idea, I can confidently create a free challenge or webinar out of that content because I know it won’t overlap with my program.

What will people pay for??

Your free content should tell your audience “WHY” they should do something and your paid content should tell people “HOW” to do it.  For example, your blog post should talk about the importance of eating vegan, while your coaching program shows them how to implement a vegan diet into their lives.

Even if you do give away all the information you know about vegan dieting, people don’t care about the INFORMATION. They want TRANSFORMATION.  With this in mind, remember that people will pay for convenience, implementation, & accountability. They need YOUR HELP to take action.

Repurpose & sell old content

Did you know that you can monetize the free content you’ve already given away to your audience? This is how so many coaches make money… by simply repurposing old, free content into a chronological course. You can absolutely sell free content if you package it in a step-by-step format because people don’t want to go searching for all the pieces and try to put it all together themselves.

Another reason why you can re-package free content into a paid offer is simply because it’s impossible for everyone in your audience to consume all the free content you put out into the world… The algorithms on social media & search engines only show your content to 10% of your audience, so chances are, they’ve never even read it! Therefore, if you notice a recurring theme that performs particularly well amongst your blog posts or YouTube videos, organize those pieces of content into a paid course that breaks things down, step-by-step, in a way that’s easy for your audience to follow & take action.

Plus, people are 10000X more likely to take action on something they’ve invested money into. You could tell your audience to do something 100 times on Facebook Live, but until they have some skin the game, it will go in one ear and out the other.

An easy guide for free vs. paid content

  1. Charge your highest rates for 1:1 & customized services.
  2. Charge for content that includes a complete, step-by-step system or solution that helps them get results quickly.
  3. Give away content like individual tips, one-off strategies, or bite-sized information that will give your audience a quick light bulb moment.

Side note: If you are utilizing affiliate marketing as an additional income stream, this would be an exception to the “rule.” For example, I use Podia to create my courses & premium content and recommend their platform to my audience for a small commission. So, in order to convert those people, it would actually be beneficial to give away content that I would normally charge for in order to demonstrate how valuable actually is.

Free vs. paid content podia courses
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Free content can only get you so far…

Now that you can clearly see the difference between free vs. paid content, you know how difficult it can be to DIY a solution using just a few freebies. This goes for you AND your audience. I see so many health coaches try to DIY their marketing strategy with free webinars, blog posts, & YouTube videos when they could be 100 steps further if they just invested in premium training.

Free content is generalized information. No matter how unique or specialized that information is, it won’t compare to 1:1 guidance. You’re only getting a piece to a puzzle that may not even apply to you in the first place! And by the end of it, you’re going to wind up with 100 different puzzle pieces that all belong to different puzzles. None of them actually fit together to form a complete solution.

You can download free templates all you want & spend hours implementing each one of them into your business… But 2 months later, when you still haven’t made any sales, you’re going to kick yourself for trying to take a shortcut. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way!

Please don’t spend another hour or another dime trying to make all these freebies from different sources come together into one finished marketing strategy. You need a business that supports YOU and ONLY YOU. Otherwise, you’ll wind up spending 10X more money & time fixing things than actually making money.

Don’t DIY your marketing. Join the Wellness Marketing Accelerator & do it right this time!

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