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The Best Tools for Creating a Coaching Program in 2021

When you’re a brand new health coach, you tend to focus solely on 1:1 coaching clients to build your business, expertise, and income. However, once you’ve established a firm foundation with fixed coaching packages and processes, it’s time to consider creating a coaching program design that allows you to scale at a much quicker rate.

Benefits of a Group Coaching Program

I know what you’re thinking…
“I’m worried my clients won’t get as much value from group coaching programs as they do 1:1.”

Well, guess what? Your clients will actually get MORE value out of the group coaching model than they would if it was just the two of you!

Here are some benefits of creating a group coaching program:

  • Group coaching programs are more affordable than private sessions.
  • Group collaboration gives members a chance to see things from different perspectives.
  • Introverted clients can enjoy the learning experience without constantly feeling like they’re “on the spot.”
  • Members get twice the support; Mentor support from you & support from others that are in the same boat as them.
  • You’re able to help more people at once and expand your reach.
  • You’ll have more time to create additional products and programs that will further benefit your audience.
  • Clients are able to network with other members and build lasting relationships.

You get the picture. The benefits of creating a group coaching program impact your clients just as much as it impacts the success of your business. So, what do you need to actually start creating a coaching program??

Best Tools for Creating a Coaching Program

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a ton of expensive software or Clickfunnels when you’re creating a coaching program. In the beginning, focus more on the content inside the program than the accessories and extra add-ons. Once your coaching program idea is validated and the membership starts to grow, THEN you can invest more into graphics, tech upgrades, and advanced digital marketing tactics.

For first-timers, here are the best tools for creating a coaching program on a budget:

Best Online Coaching Program Platform
Winner: Podia

I’ve tried every software imaginable and Podia is BY FAR the most efficient and easiest online coaching program platform out there. You don’t have to be a techy coder or graphic designer to create an amazing program for your coaching clients.

Podia makes course building for your health coaching business a breeze. The prices are really affordable (some online coaching program platforms would have you pay 3 times as much as Podia!) and you get a 14-day free trial to check it out before you commit. Plus, if you sign up for the annual plan, you get two months free. Set up is super easy, there are no transaction fees – and your course is hosted right on Podia! I’m honestly obsessed with this platform…



Best Multipurpose Video Recording Software
Winner: Zoom

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably hopped on a Zoom video conference or two. If not, you definitely need to check it out! Zoom offers video conferencing on their basic platform, but they also offer webinar hosting with the option to invite interactive guests and non-active guests. You can use it to easily record your course modules or host your coaching calls whenever you’re creating a coaching program. This is a great option for your clients because they can use the free option!


Best Video Editing Software
Winner: Quicktime

The thought of video editing is usually the deal-breaker when it comes to creating a coaching program. Most health and wellness coaches automatically assume that they couldn’t do it! But, if you choose editing software like Quicktime, you don’t need complicated skills. You can find a great reference guide here. And best of all, Quicktime is FREE.


Best Sales Page Builder
Winner: Elementor

Elementor is a drag and drop page builder that is used with the WordPress platform. It makes sales page building simple! You can easily drag and drop content blocks onto your page and fill it with your branded content. No coding or website building skills are required, which means you can focus more of your time on coaching dream clients! Elementor itself offers a great video walkthrough of how you use the program.


Best Payment Method for Enrollment
Winner: Stripe

Stripe automatically included in your Podia subscription and is BY FAR the best payment method for member enrollment when it comes to creating a coaching program. Recurring invoicing is free for your first 1 million recurring charges. Everything is easy to set up and easily controlled right in your stripe dashboard. Stripe can be embedded and has 450+ integrations with different software and platforms.


Best Group Communication Platform
Tie: Slack and Facebook Groups

Slack is a desktop and mobile communication tool that you can use to collaborate with your team and converse with your clients. The pros of Slack is that it’s simple to see new messages and all of the topics are organized into visible sidebar tabs. The con is that some members inside your group coaching program will have to sign up for an account and learn how to use the platform – and that may end up costing you more time if your clients are asking for your help.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are an easy and private way to communicate with your online coaching clients. The main pro of using Facebook groups is that people are usually on Facebook anyway. However, the con is that the algorithm may not show your content across the board and then information could be missed. You could instruct your clients to turn on group notifications, but if they forget or choose not to, they could miss your content.


Best Email Automation Tool
Winner: Convertkit

As an online course creator, you’ll need to create new member email sequences, and email funnel nurture sequences to keep your clients happy and also to get new clients into your online coaching program. Convertkit is a robust and easy to use email platform for your small business. The signup forms can be integrated into your website, sales page, and even your Facebook page. The automation tools are unbeatable in Converkit and you can customize each sequence (and change it) with a few clicks – so you’ll never have to worry about selling your group coaching program!



If you’re a certified life coach or holistic health practitioner, using an online group coaching model is the way to go.

As a certified health or life coach, your message is important. You believe in it and want to spread the word – that’s why you became a coach, right? What could be more fulfilling than serving 10x the amount of clients than traditional 1:1 coaching programs? Plus, the people you work with, the more testimonials and digital PR you’ll have to hype up your program to other prospective clients.

When you use the tools above, creating a coaching program is SO EASY. Once you create amazing content for your brand new health and wellness course, you’ll be able to automate your processes and focus on other areas of your business!


Need help creating content for your online course?
Shoot me a message for more details on creating a coaching program of your own!

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