Content Marketing Tips for Your Health Business

3 Non-Icky Content Marketing Tips for Your Health Business

As health & wellness business owners, we often feel uncomfortable marketing ourselves. We can’t help but think that we’re somehow scamming people out of money or unqualified to make such a massive difference in people’s lives.

Well, I’ve got some good news for ya. Content marketing is the LEAST “icky” way to market your health & wellness business.

Content marketing allows you to connect with the clients that NEED your help, instead of just selling to everyone.
It puts your content in front of the RIGHT customers, instead of attracting the WRONG customers.

How to use content marketing for your health business without sounding “icky”


1. Be transparent about your mission

Open up to your followers and be completely honest about your brand, how your business operates, and what they can expect from you. The most trustworthy wellness businesses in the world give their audience an inside look into their daily practices so no one can question if their mission and values are true to their message.

A great example of marketing transparency can be found in this video from Patagonia:

From the beginning, Patagonia has preached sustainability and Fair Trade Certified clothing. Unlike other clothing companies, Patagonia is open and honest about problems with the garment industry. While some brands choose to brush these uncomfortable topics under the rug, this company pushes the issue to the surface so you’ll be more inclined to make ethical decisions and purchase their items over their competitors.

Have those uncomfortable conversations with your readers. Help them understand why your health business matters and why they should choose you over your competitors. The more transparent you are, the more likely your online wellness brand will grow organically.

2. Clearly define who you want (and don’t want) to work with

When you’re unsure of who your target client is, the content on your website and social media platforms can get super confusing for your readers. If it’s too vague, you’ll have to overcompensate with self-promotion instead of letting your online presence sell for you.

An example of a niche site that uses clear messaging in their content marketing is The Sacred Womb:

Niche marketing tips

Right when you land on the homepage, you know that this brand caters to women that want to demystify their menstrual cycle and use it for good instead of evil lol. While it’s undoubtedly strange, The Sacred Womb uses clear messaging to qualify their visitors without having to justify themselves at every turn. If a man lands on their page, they automatically think “Wait, I’m lost…” instead of having to dig further to find out if he belongs. Before you start posting on social media, it’s important to clearly define your ideal client and then base your entire content marketing strategy on that information.

3. Show don’t tell

Like I said before, it’s never fun having to justify and explain the value of your business over and over again. Instead of talking about how great you are, SHOW your audience how great you are with visual content marketing:

  • Record a video of yourself practicing what you preach, whether it’s preparing a keto recipe, meditating, or working out
  • Share happy client testimonials on the reg
  • Personalize your e-mail marketing to show that you truly do want to build meaningful relationships with your health clients
  • Make one section of your wellness program or digital product open to the public so they can get a taste of what it’s like
  • Create a step-by-step guide that shows your ideal client how to get from point A to point B

Would you buy an expensive dress online if there was just one blurry photo and no product description? People need PROOF that your health business isn’t a “what you ordered vs. what came in the mail” situation.

Marketing Transparency


If you’re a wellpreneur that isn’t comfortable with self-promotion, make sure your messaging is transparent, easy to understand, and crystal clear. Using these non-icky content marketing tips for your health business, your online presence will do most of the heavy lifting and– when it’s done correctly– can even close sales on autopilot.


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Non-Icky Marketing Strategies for Health Practitioners

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    1. Thank you so much Jamie! Creating content is a struggle for most people because they hate marketing themselves. But you don’t have to sacrifice your morals to make money!

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