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Holistic Marketing Strategy

WARNING: this is NOT a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire type of marketing strategy.

Instead of sending you 5 pages of homework, we do some SERIOUS soul-searching to get to the CORE of your brand's strengths, weaknesses, passions, and goals. I have found this "down and dirty" approach SO much more effective than an inconvenient, impersonal questionnaire.

In fact, most of the health & wellness coaches I work with describe our holistic marketing strategy sessions as enlightening. Don't be surprised if you walk away with a totally different outlook on your brand's vision, message, position, and ideal clients. Hell, you may even realize that the entire playbook needs to be thrown out and built from scratch!

We are going to get hot, sweaty, and messy, so buckle up for some transformational sh*t.

  • Create a profitable marketing strategy that FEELS good, too.
  • Clearly communicate the value of your coaching services.
  • Develop a brand story that brings ideal clients to TEARS.
  • Simplify your marketing process & amplify your monthly income.
  • Optimize your online presence for maximum impact.
  • Sell & scale your coaching business like never before.


If you’re just throwing content marketing spaghetti at the walls, you’re not going to see a return on your investment. The more time you spend trying to fix your trial and error mistakes, the less time you have to build a relationship with your customers.

As a professional journalist, I investigate every square inch of your brand and uncover the skeletons in your closet that are preventing growth and scale. Only then can we move forward with social media management, SEO, and sales funnels. 

You can’t expect progress, if you don’t trust the process.

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