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Content Consistency: My Mindful Morning Routine + Creative Productivity Tools

It can be insanely difficult to stay focused as a spiritual entrepreneur.

We are philosophers, creatives, explorers… Sitting still for more than 5 minutes is one of the most challenging things you could ask us to do!

No wonder it’s taken me YEARS to find creative productivity tools and a mindful morning routine that I actually ENJOY and stick with.

I’ve been known to rebel against any and all routines, long-term planning, or organization systems that I try to set in place for myself. I just want to feel free and go with the flow, dude!

But I’ve quickly realized that my #hotmessexpress lifestyle isn’t going to cut it if I want to grow a successful content marketing coach business.

Despite what you may think, disorganization and inconsistency actually HINDER your creativity and sense of freedom. You eventually become so overwhelmed and misguided that you spend all of your time cleaning up your own messes, instead of doing the things you love to do.

And that’s why you became an entrepreneur, right? You wanted more free time to focus on the work that lights you up!

So, whether you’re an energy healer, wellness coach, or spiritual entrepreneur, it’s time to amp up your marketing and content consistency with some good ole’ fashioned time management.

But first, let’s get intentional with a mindful morning routine.

In order to set the tone and start my day off with super high vibes, I begin with a few spiritual rituals that look something like this:


Mindful Morning Routine

1. Put on an inspirational podcast

(Faves: Absolute, Life Coach School, Balanced Blonde, & Online Marketing Made Easy

2. Light some incense or diffuse some essential oils

(Faves: Head Ease & Triloka Ayurvedic Throat Chakra Cones)

3. Smudge the entire house
4. Pray
6. 15-Min Yoga Sequence

(Fave: Sunrise Yoga with Adriene)

7. Read a chapter from a book
8. Meditate
9. Pull an oracle card

(Fave: Work Your Light Deck)

10. Journal


Now, obviously I don’t always have time to do every single item on that list. And sometimes I do a couple of things at the same time, like praying while I smudge the house.

But whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, try to at least start your morning off with a few spiritual rituals so you can connect with your higher purpose and raise your vibrations for the day.

Now, it’s time to share my creative productivity tools & routine that I use to knock out my content creation and marketing tasks!


Creative Productivity Routine

1. Write out a to-do list for the day
2. Schedule time blocks for each task in a planner
3. Add those tasks digitally into Todoist
4. Check email
5. Start working on big tasks first
6. Set timer on Flora app for each task
7. Lunch
8. Walk the dog or meditate
9. Continue working
10. Finish working at 4pm
11. Meditate


Paper vs. Digital Planners
It may seem a little “overboard” to use both paper AND digital planners, but they each have their own unique set of benefits! Writing things down on paper allows you to stay productive while you take a break from the computer screen, which is something us wellness coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs all strive to do. Not only do you get to rest your eyes, but putting pen to paper can make you feel more committed to your creative tasks.

Digital planners, on the other hand, are great for reminders, notifications, on-the-go scheduling, and automation purposes. Todoist is my favorite for keeping track of my to-do list because it syncs with Google Calendar. The moral of the story is… I highly recommend using both paper AND digital planners!


Biohacking Time Management
There are so many little distractions that can creep up on your throughout the day, so you really have to be strategic about your time management as a spiritual entrepreneur. First, I recommend scheduling your biggest or most stressful tasks in the AM. Your body naturally responds better to stress during this time and your brain reaches peak alertness around mid-morning.

Try to avoid content creation or brainstorming in the peak hours of the day, between 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is most likely the busiest and most demanding time for your business, so it’s easy to get distracted during those hours.

Instead, schedule your creative tasks for late afternoon when you’re a little groggy! Sounds strange I know, but just look at the infographic above for the scientific reasoning.

Spiritual Entrepreneur Business Tips


Fun Productivity?
Another time management hack for spiritual entrepreneurs is productivity gamification. When you transform your tasks into a game or some sort of reward system, it’s proven that you’re more likely to stay motivated and achieve goals.

My absolute favorite app for productivity gamification is the Flora app. If you’re a wellness coach or spiritual entrepreneur, Flora will TOTALLY appeal to your crunchy, save-the-earth lifestyle.

Creative productivity for spiritual entrepreneurs

It forces you to focus on the task at hand by rewarding you with a tree for your digital “garden” if you remain off your phone until the timer runs out! How cool is that??


The Secret Sauce

However you choose to manage your time and content consistency as a wellness coach or spiritual entrepreneur will depend 100% on your personal preferences.  There are so many options when it comes to customizing your mindful morning routine and creative productivity tools that can add some soulful structure to your content creation process.

Of course, content consistency is important… But without a strategic marketing strategy, you could create all the content in the world and STILL fail as a wellness coach.

Ready to implement the exact SAME EXACT marketing strategies and systems that the most successful online coaches use in their business today??

Enroll in the Wellness Marketing Accelerator & get the tools you need to attract clients on autopilot!


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