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6 Content Calendar Tips (You Can Actually Stick To!)

There are 3 types of people on my email list:

  1. Those who use my Content Calendar Template every day because they love how simple & effective it is.
  2. Those who open it once & forget about it.
  3. Those who overwhelm themselves by trying to fill out every single box, commit to WAYY too many things, and beat themselves up for being a “failure.”

Which one are you?

Don’t lie or I’ll know about it……that’s how good our marketing trackers work these days. 😉

The point is, most female entrepreneurs have a hard time sticking to their content calendars. Between all the new tools & software being released daily and the lengthy to-do lists we have to tackle, there are so many distractions that prevent us from sticking to one plan.

Plus, content calendars can be really overwhelming at first. So many female entrepreneurs see all those empty dates and automatically get bogged down with analysis paralysis. Which is exactly why I’m writing this blog post today… To eliminate some of that overwhelm so you can take full advantage of your 2021 Content Calendar Template and, most importantly, have fun with it!

6 Content Calendar Tips
(You Can Actually Stick To!)


1. Leave room for creativity & spontaneity!

Inspiration can hit any second of the day, so don’t limit yourself by trying to fill out every single box or planning out your Instagram stories… Plus, you want to maintain your authenticity and let things flow naturally for the most part!

2. Treat it like a Vision Board.

I like to break down my intentions for 2020 into monthly themes and create content each week that aligns with those themes. Not only does this keep me organized, it also allows me to plan out my 2020 goals with actionable, bite-sized steps. Win, win!

3. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose.

Another thing I like to do is create one big piece of content on Monday or Tuesday and then repurpose it into smaller pieces of content throughout the rest of the week. You can also go through the content you’ve already created and repurpose that if it fits the theme for that month! Moral of the story: DO LESS SIS.

4. Use the KISS method.

Commit to ONLY 1-2 marketing tasks that you KNOW you can consistently carry out each month… For me, it’s a live training every Tuesday inside my Facebook Group. Even if I totally drop the ball with my content calendar one month, I will ALWAYS plan out the topics & content for that weekly training, no matter what. Other than that and any special promotions I may want to run at that time (webinar, product launch, giveaway, etc.) the amount of planning I actually do in my content calendar varies on a month-to-month basis. Keep it simple & adaptable!

5. Color coding!

I know some of your b*tches LOVE a good color code system, so feel free to organize your calendar that way. I personally like to use a bright blue fill color for launch sequences, promotions, and the moon phases.

Content Calendar Template Google Sheets


This email is useless garbage if you don’t have a brand strategy & marketing plan in place. Sure, it’s fun to fill out a spreadsheet and pretend like you’re being productive… But without a strategy, this is all just busy work. Your content needs CONTEXT… A reason WHY you’re creating it. HOW do you know WHEN to communicate this particular message to your ideal client? WHO are they exactly and WHERE in their personal development journey do they most need this information?

However you decide to use your 2021 Content Calendar Template, just make sure it’s correct for YOU. Feel free to experiment and explore in the beginning. There’s really no RIGHT way to do it. So, get rid of all that shame & negative self-talk and just GO FOR IT.

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