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Coaching WITHOUT a Niche? 3 Reasons Why It’s OK.

Should you be coaching without a niche??

Once you decide to become a coach, the first thing most people will tell you is to “CHOOSE YOUR NICHE.” Now, obviously niching down is important if you want to stand out from the crowd these days…

But something I DON’T agree with is forcing people to niche down before they’re ready… Or boxing people in with niche guidelines & rules.

So, if you’re struggling to niche down as a new health coach, allow me to lift that massive weight right off your shoulders… Here are a few reasons coaching without a niche could be a good idea:




1. Don’t niche down before you’re ready

If you’ve never started a health coaching business before and you’re unsure who you want to work with or even what kind of coaching you want to focus on, don’t box yourself in right at the jump.

The first 6 months of entrepreneurship are supposed to be FUN. Get out there and explore all the possibilities available to you. Work with different people, create content that interests you that day, learn from other mentors & coaches that inspire you… Even if that means taking a hard left & exploring new realms & topics that seemingly have nothing to do with your business!

In the beginning, I convinced myself that I could only read books & take online courses that were solely focused on marketing. So, I shoved my interests & curiosities about astrology, spirituality, & wellness deeeeeeepppp down inside me because, hey, those things weren’t going to make me any money! However, this mindset was doing me a great disservice and robbing me of creative insight, unique perspectives, & off beaten paths.

What happened as a result?
I sounded like every other robot marketing coach on the internet… Nothing about my practice was unique to ME or even remotely interesting to my ideal clients.

Until one day, I decided to “take a break” and pick up an astrology book just for fun. The more I read, the more enthralled I was by this amazing cosmic roadmap to the universe. And, unexpectedly, I started to make connections between the psychology of the stars and entrepreneurship. I began connecting the dots & noticing patterns that led me to create the Lunar Launch Planner.

Voila! An entirely new perspective on marketing was born.

See what I mean?? The more you try to nail yourself down to one topic or focus, the less you’re able to think outside the box. So, if it helps, think about your hobbies & extracurriculars as “research” for your business! Even if it seems totally off brand, you never know what kind of connections will come of it.


2. There’s more than 1 way to niche down.

Choosing your coaching niche isn’t confined to the type of clients you serve or the title you choose for yourself. In fact, I’ve realized that at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter whether I call myself a “marketing coach” or a “freelance brand invigorator” anyway (Any Schitt’s Creek fans out there??).

While you certainly CAN choose your niche based on those two brand characteristics, there are plenty more options to consider:

  • Target audience
  • Coaching style
  • Geographical location
  • Brand personality
  • Pricing
  • The problems you’re solving
  • Results promised
  • Product/ deliverables
  • Marketing Presence

Here are some examples and combinations you could use to niche down:

  • Health coach for attorneys in Austin, TX (title + audience + location)
  • Daily weight lifting exercises on Tik Tok (marketing + service + platform)
  • $1 a day mommy & me yoga classes (pricing + audience + service)
  • Long Island Medium (Personality + service + location)

Watch the full video for more in-depth explanations on this section!


3. Do NOT let your niche hold you back.

Start working with people & gaining experience as soon as you can, ESPECIALLY if you’re a brand new health coach or wellness practitioner. Even if you have to practice on friends & family or offer free coaching sessions in exchange for reviews, it’s important to put yourself out there ASAP.

Like I said before, your first year is supposed to be FUN. You’re supposed to experiment & figure out who you like to work with & how… Which is only possible if you actually start WORKING WITH PEOPLE, even if that means coaching without a niche.

So many health coaches are under the impression that you have to choose a niche before you can start your business. And that’s simply not true.

However, if you really feel stuck and can’t seem to move forward without some sort of focus, pick a lane & try it on for size. By now, you probably have a few ideas in mind when it comes to your niche. So, I suggest pursuing one of those options & seeing how it feels once you’ve given it a fair shot.

Let’s face it, your niche will inevitably grow & evolve over time, as you gain more experience, learn new health coaching techniques, and become more established in your field… So, you shouldn’t get too attached to your first idea anyway.

I made this mistake in the beginning and it was a tough transition once I finally decided to shift from a social media agency for medical doctors to content marketing coaching for health coaches.

It wasn’t until I hired my own business coach that I realized how miserable I was with my initial niche. Although it sounds like I wasn’t TOO far off from what I do today, getting help from a 3rd party perspective & implementing those seemingly small changes completely turned my business around. At that point, I basically had to torch my entire operation to the ground & started over.


When is it time to niche down?

Coaching without a niche can only get you so far… But before you go ALL IN on a specific niche, I HIGHLY recommend working 1:1 with someone who can provide that outside perspective. Someone who understands the industry & can give you feedback on your messaging, offers, & your online presence in general.

As entrepreneurs, we’re way too entangled in our businesses to see that bird’s eye view, which is why so many coaches get off track & out of touch with their audience’s needs. They’ve evolved so much that they can’t relate to their ideal clients anymore so their content is way too complex for their audience to really understand.

Whether you decide to enroll in the Wellness Marketing Accelerator or hire a different marketing coach, I cannot stress enough how important it is to seek guidance in this area. Once my clients and I overcame this hurdle, it was like the flood gates opened and we knew EXACTLY what we needed to do.

Which is why brand strategy is the first thing we cover inside WMA. After about week 2 or 3, my clients start making HUGE leaps in their business… As in, doubling & tripling sales.

Ready to work with a results-oriented marketing coach? Book a free strategy session here or check out the Wellness Marketing Accelerator by following the link below!




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