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Building a wellness tribe online

13 Secrets to Building a Wellness Tribe That LOVES You

When you create a health & wellness business, the goal is typically to “change people’s lives.” Am I right? So, it’s easy to get turned off by slimy sales tactics and in-your-face marketing.

Trust me, I felt the EXACT same way. Especially after some con artist convinced me to put down a $500 deposit when I really didn’t want to or have the money for. It was my own damn fault for being so “vulnerable” but it also got me thinking…

“How do you scale a soul-driven, heart-centered, health-inducing business without acting like a complete jackass?”

Enter wellness content marketing

After spending years in the marketing AND health industry, I’ve seen what should and shouldn’t be done when building a wellness brand. Based on my experience and tons of research, I came up with a solution that cuts through all the BS and scales an empire without used-car-salesman techniques.

Wellness content marketing isn’t about selling to everyone.

It’s about connecting to your professional soulmates and creating a tribe fueled by the highest vibrations. It’s about developing lifelong connections that exchange wisdom, support, and respect.

When you bear your soul, strategize with intention, and become genuinely interested in the lives of your ideal clients, you can accomplish ANYTHING in your business.

13 ways to attract wellness clients online without sounding “salesy”:

1.  Gain clarity on who you can and WANT to help by creating an ideal client profile.

2.  Study their habits, their struggles, their dreams, etc. by showing up in Facebook Groups and forums like Quora.

3.  Create content that motivates, educates, and inspires your ideal clients to make a change.

4.  Put your pride and ego aside.

5.  Share your journey with vulnerability, transparency, and power.

6.  Reach out to the people you’re drawn to and find common ground.

7.  Instead of hitting them with a sales pitch right off the bat, give them a free taste of kindness and wisdom.

8.  Show up for the 2-3 followers that already adore you.

9.  Listen to God and your intuition.

10.  Learn when to say “I don’t think I’m the right business for you.”

11.  Evolve WITH your tribe instead of “outgrowing” them.

12.  Show gratitude and thank the high heavens for every. single. paycheck.

13.  Become a resource that never runs dry.

When you finally implement wellness content marketing into your health business, you’ll have more energy, passion, and motivation than ever before.

You CAN build an empire without greed. It just takes patience.



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