Social Granola

1:1 Brand Strategy

You can't execute a successful digital marketing strategy without ALIGNMENT.

Together, we'll dig deep & define your brand's values, vision, goals, pain points, target audience, competitors, and more. Based on this information, extensive market research, and my unmatched marketing expertise, I'll help you build a one-of-a-kind business and comprehensive action plan that's powerful enough to stand the test of time. Once you're fully aligned with your brand message, marketing is a piece of cake.

What’s included?

ONLY $597!

Marketing only feels shitty when you’re trying to sell to everyone. 

When your brand message is clear, consistent, and CORRECT for YOU, you will organically attract perfectly aligned clients to your practice. Together, we’ll lay down a foundation that combines your dreams & desires with those of your target audience. That way, you genuinely enjoy your work, raise your vibrations, and naturally attract coaching clients that will do anything to work with you.