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  • HEALTH COACHING WITHOUT A NICHECoaching WITHOUT a Niche? 3 Reasons Why It’s OK.
    In Coaching Business Strategy
    Should you be coaching without a niche?? Once you decide to become a coach, the first thing most people will tell you is to “CHOOSE YOUR NICHE.” Now, obviously niching down is important if you want to stand out from the crowd these days… But something I DON’T agree with is forcing people to niche down before they’re ready… Or boxing people in with niche guidelines & rules. So, if you’re ... Read more
  • Work From Home Office Ergonomics TipsThe Ultimate Work From Home Office Ergonomics Guide
    In Spiritual Marketing
    It’s no secret that your girl has some serious chronic pain issues. And since I started working from home 4 years ago, I’ve definitely been through my fair share of Advil bottles, chiropractor visits, and heating pads. So I guess you could say I learned the hard way when it came to the importance of home office ergonomics… I’ve tried just about every trick, product, and set up in the book… And now ... Read more
  • Free Marketing Tools in 2020FREE Marketing Tools in 2020: Marketing a Coaching Business During COVID-19
    In Spiritual Marketing
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Marketing a Coaching Business During COVID-19 Marketing during a recession can be… uncomfortable. Especially when you’re marketing a coaching business during COVID-19 without a big team to help you. Obviously, COVID-19 is taking a toll on business owners in 2020. Yoga teachers are canceling classes, hypnotherapists are closing their office doors, & some entrepreneurs are even facing ... Read more
  • Technical SEO for Health & Wellness CoachesTechnical SEO for Beginners: Attract Clients Organically
    In Spiritual Marketing
    If you want to attract clients organically to your online coaching business, search engine optimization is the most effective strategy you can implement into your content marketing plan. This Technical SEO for Beginners guide will give you the first few steps you need to take in order for search engines to access, crawl, interpret, and index your coaching website. Because, let’s face it, if Google can’t find your content, ... Read more
  • Grow a Coaching Business in 20208 Must-Haves to Grow a Coaching Business in 2020
    In Coaching Business Strategy
    If you’re trying to grow a coaching business in 2020, I probably don’t have to tell you how crowded the industry is getting or how rapidly it evolves. Sometimes it can feel like an entirely new world from day to day.  Here’s the truth: you CAN thrive, grow and stay visible in this environment… you just have to be willing to adapt to the latest trends and take aligned action with your marketing moves.  Are you ready to get seen, ... Read more
  • Rebrand yourself on social mediaBrand Identity Crisis: 8 Signs it’s Time to Rebrand Yourself on Social Media
    In Brand Identity, Social Media
    Brand identity crisis (noun): 1. When you evolve & expand beyond your current brand. 2. The realization that you no longer connect with your audience’s perception of you. Wellness coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs rely heavily on gut instinct when it comes to, well, everything. So naturally, this decision-making strategy is going to apply in your coaching business, as well. And if we’ve learned anything as spiritual ... Read more
  • content consistency and creative productivity toolsContent Consistency: My Mindful Morning Routine + Creative Productivity Tools
    In Content Creation, Spiritual Marketing
    It can be insanely difficult to stay focused as a spiritual entrepreneur. We are philosophers, creatives, explorers… Sitting still for more than 5 minutes is one of the most challenging things you could ask us to do! No wonder it’s taken me YEARS to find creative productivity tools and a mindful morning routine that I actually ENJOY and stick with. I’ve been known to rebel against any and all routines, long-term ... Read more
  • spiritual marketing for energy healers6 Ways to Use Spiritual Marketing in Your Business
    In Spiritual Marketing
    In my Stress-Free Content Creation Masterclass, I brought up the fact that marketing is a spiritual practice. I know I know, it probably sounds a little crazy… But when you really start to dig in to the promotional side of things as a wellness entrepreneur, it TOTALLY makes sense. Don’t believe me? Check this out… 1. Deep soul work & self-discovery Most of us start out as a solopreneur and simply can’t afford a marketing ... Read more
  • Content Marketing for Yoga TeachersWhat’s Your Marketing Zone of Genius? Align with Your Natural Flow State!
    In Spiritual Marketing
    Let’s put the social media algorithms and technical mumbo jumbo aside for a sec. You’ve built an online coaching business that aligns with your unique personality, process, and passion, so why are you trying to shove your marketing strategy into a one-size-fits-all template?  Everyone’s workflow and style is special, which is why you should create a content marketing plan that fits your needs and your client’s needs. In order to ... Read more
  • Online Group Coaching ModelThe Best Tools to Create and Sell an Online Course or Coaching Program
    In Coaching Business Strategy
    When you’re a brand new health coach, you tend to focus solely on 1:1 coaching clients to build your business, expertise, and income. However, once you’ve established a firm foundation with fixed coaching packages and processes, it’s time to consider an online course or group coaching program design that allows you to scale at a much quicker rate. Benefits of the Group Coaching Model I know what you’re ... Read more
  • Health Coach Marketing Materials[Complete Guide] How Do I Market My Coaching Business?
    In Coaching Business Strategy
    As a wellness content marketing expert, I get this question all the time: “How do I market my coaching business?” Well, you’re FINALLY going to get a comprehensive answer… The reason I started the Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program is I noticed a major gap in the coaching industry. All of these health practitioners and wellness coaches were graduating with amazing certificates and skillsets, but they had no ... Read more
  • Building a wellness tribe online13 Secrets to Building a Wellness Tribe That LOVES You
    In Brand Identity, Social Media
    When you create a health & wellness business, the goal is typically to “change people’s lives.” Am I right? So, it’s easy to get turned off by slimy sales tactics and in-your-face marketing. Trust me, I felt the EXACT same way. Especially after some con artist convinced me to put down a $500 deposit when I really didn’t want to or have the money for. It was my own damn fault for being so “vulnerable” but it also got me thinking… ... Read more
  • Healthcare copywriting tipsSales Copywriting Techniques: Let Your Website Sell FOR You
    In Content Creation
    The secret to automatic lead generation for your wellness brand is sales copywriting that allows your website to sell FOR you. If your healthcare clients visit your website and can’t figure out what you do or who you are, you’re in major trouble. On the other hand, your content can literally become the best salesperson on your team if you invest time or money into solid sales copywriting. Here are some of the best sales ... Read more
  • 4 Wellness Content Ideas to Boost Social Media Engagement
    In Social Media
    If you’re sharing lame wellness content on social media, the response you’re going to get will be… well, lame. It’s disappointing when healthcare professionals and wellness brands claim that social media marketing “didn’t work for them” or that it was a “waste of money.” In most cases, they just didn’t know how, where, or when to post effective content. I mean you can’t ... Read more
  • How to Stand Out in the Health IndustryHow to Stand Out in the Health Industry: Competing in a Saturated Market
    In Brand Identity, Coaching Business Strategy
    When everyone and their mom becomes a “Certified Wellness Coach”, it can be difficult to stand out in the health industry. Many healthcare professionals graduate with high hopes that their ideal clients will come flocking to them right away. Unfortunately, they’re hit with a rude awakening when their schedule is perpetually wide open and their bank account is empty every. single. day. Obviously, medical school and ... Read more
  • Find Health Coaching Clients without Paid AdsWhere to Find Wellness Coaching Clients without Paying for Ads
    In Spiritual Marketing, Coaching Business Strategy
    I’m going to tell you what I tell ALL my wellness coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs… STOP PAYING FOR ADS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Facebook, Instagram, and every other platform are stealing money right out of your wallet every time you boost a post or set up an ad without a content marketing strategy and funnel in place. To avoid lighting your hard-earned money on fire, try these free lead generation ... Read more
  • Content Marketing Tips for Your Spiritual Life Coach Business3 Non-Icky Content Marketing Tips for Spiritual Life Coaches
    In Spiritual Marketing, Content Creation
    As a wellpreneur or spiritual life coach, you may feel uncomfortable marketing yourself. It’s easy to feel like you’re somehow scamming people out of money or get worried that you’re unqualified to make such a massive difference in people’s lives. Well, I’ve got some good news for ya… Content marketing is the LEAST “icky” way to market your spiritual life coach business. Content marketing ... Read more
  • Build a successful coaching business3 MAJOR Reasons Why Your Coaching Business Isn’t Sustainable
    In Coaching Business Strategy
    According to Forbes, only 1 out of 3 small businesses make it past the 10-year mark. I don’t know about you, but that statistic is f*cking scary… If you’re not building your coaching business for the long haul, then why are you building a coaching business at all? To avoid wasting your time and money on a failing health practice, here are 5 reasons why your coaching business isn’t sustainable: 1. There’s ... Read more
  • Content Marketing for Health Practitioners8 Health and Wellness Trends to Keep in Mind for 2020
    In Coaching Business Strategy
    When you’re building out your content marketing strategy for the year, you always want to be 3 steps ahead of the competition. As a wellness coach or spiritual entrepreneur, it’s important to keep health and wellness trends for 2020 in mind so you can have a head start. The first health and wellness trends that come to mind for most health coaches are typically yoga, the latest fad diet, or green juice. You wouldn’t be ... Read more
  • Getting Paying Coaching ClientsA Step-by-Step Roadmap to Getting Paying Coaching Clients
    In Uncategorized
    Whether you’re a wellness coach, online therapist, or holistic health practitioner, there are some coaching clients that fuel your fire, and some that make you want to run for the exit door. Imagine turning away the BAD coaching clients because your schedule is too booked up with IDEAL clients… How would that improve your wellness coaching practice? You would feel more passionate about your business You could specialize in ... Read more
  • Content marketing for an online wellness businessThe Best Content Marketing Strategies for Health Practitioners
    In Spiritual Marketing
    When you decided to become a health practitioner, I bet two things crossed your mind: “I’m going to change people’s lives” and “I’m about to make money money money biitchhh.” Maybe you’re still holding on to that childlike optimism. Or maybe you’ve been in the game long enough to know that it’s not as easy as you once thought. So many health practitioners think that if they just get one more certification or take a few more courses, ... Read more