Content Creation

Creating content is not as easy as it sounds… This is ESPECIALLY true if you’re trying to promote your life coaching business or health coaching practice. You may think that slapping any old “How To” article up on your wellness blog will drive traffic, but that's just not true. So, what separates an effective content creation strategy that continuously attracts customers to your website over time and a health and wellness coaching blog that just collects dust? Well, EVERYTHING. From the topic you choose to write about, down to the exact minute you click "post", each tiny detail plays a major role in your online visibility.

I'm telling you, it's a f*cking science. Luckily, my secret formulas and strategies will give you the PERFECT blog and social media post every single time. You now have the power to build a sustainable online presence that consistently brings in traffic and generates revenue year after year.

Content Marketing Coach for Health Coaches

When your heath coach marketing content is effectively optimized, you can:

  • Create additional income streams with affiliate marketing
  • Sit back and watch one blog post compound organic traffic years down the road
  • Position yourself as an industry expert by sharing your knowledge with the world
  • Promote your products or services FOR FREE through your blog
  • Repurpose each blog post and disperse the info throughout other media platforms

The list goes on and on… But you can’t take advantage of these marketing benefits without the right technical skills or a proper content creation strategy.

I’ll make sure every word of your wellness coaching content is calculated with intention:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Outbound and inbound link building
  • Keyword research and strategic placement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Engaging content that will entertain, inform, and connect with your readers
  • Trending topics with a creative spin
  • Brand mirroring for voice, tone, and messaging consistency
  • "Viral" graphic design

From finding the PERFECT blog topics, to writing shareable, entertaining content, to actually posting it on your website, I help coach you through every step. Creating health website content that attracts coaching clients and sells your services on autopilot is one of the most important pieces of your marketing strategy. As a content marketing coach, I can help you can turn your blog and social media into an automated, money-making machine so you can get back to building your wellness brand or running your group coaching program.

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