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4 Wellness Content Ideas to Boost Social Media Engagement

If you’re sharing lame wellness content on social media, the response you’re going to get will be… well, lame.

It’s disappointing when healthcare professionals and wellness brands claim that social media marketing “didn’t work for them” or that it was a “waste of money.” In most cases, they just didn’t know how, where, or when to post effective content.

I mean you can’t deny this healthcare marketing statistic from Search Engine Watch: “90% of respondents from 18 to 24 years of age said they would trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks.”

So, before you post a blurry photo of your messy desk to LinkedIn, check out this list of 4 wellness content ideas to boost social media engagement:

1. Run a contest or giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Getting followers to participate in a contest is a great way to boost social media engagement for wellness brands. You can ask everyone to comment, like, and share the post in order to win a free health coaching session or yoga membership. The cost of the prize completely depends on how much you’re willing to give away, but try to make the offer as appealing as possible. Otherwise, your ideal health clients will be less likely to participate and share with their friends.

4 Wellness Content Ideas to Boost Social Media Engagement
Social Granola’s Instagram contest campaign.


Tip: Make sure your healthcare business is clear about social media contest rules. There are legal differences between sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways, and you don’t want to end up in a lawsuit.

2. Host a Q&A session

Facebook Live and Instagram Live are performing better than ever when it comes to social media engagement. So, if there’s ever a good time to get comfortable in front of a camera, it’s now!

A social media Q&A session between your team members and your followers is one of the easiest wellness content ideas on this list. Why? Because the audience comes up with the topics for you! All you have to do is answer their questions about your medical practice or wellness services. It’s a fun way for your audience to get to know you and your healthcare business on a more personal level. Plus, Facebook and Instagram will see that engagement and reward you with more visibility on the news feed!

3. Create an infographic

Not only will an infographic drive more likes and comments on social media, but it can also be an amazing tactic for driving organic traffic to your website. You can create a visually appealing image inside Canva that advertises your wellness services, educates your target audience on specific health issues, or shows your followers how to do something (recipes, exercises, yoga poses, etc.) Canva has plenty of templates to choose from, so you don’t have to be a master graphic designer to create an infographic worth sharing. Insert your infographic into a blog post on your healthcare business website and share it to Pinterest for a major organic traffic boost.

Tip: Sign up for Tailwind to really maximize your Pinterest marketing strategy. You can join tribes filled with likeminded wellpreneurs, schedule pins ahead of time, and even manage your other social media posts inside the platform. It’s an awesome tool to use if you want to grow your health brand on a national or global scale! Click here to sign up for Tailwind for FREE.

4. Feature a happy client

Testimonials are a great way to provide social proof and legitimize your wellness coaching services. Sure, you can list out your reviews on your website… But if you really want to get the most out of your testimonials, you can highlight those happy clients with their own social media posts.

Bring them in for an interview or ask them to send you a “Before & After” photo that you can share. Include a quick background story, quote, and results from each health client in your caption, then share it across all platforms. Your target customers are much more likely to take action when they feel connected through a photo or video, rather than a quote on a random testimonial page.

Tip: ONLY share personal information about your health & wellness clients IF they give you permission to post the testimonial. Create a contract for both of you to sign in order to avoid conflict in the future over social media content.


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